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O.M.O.H. has many dreams and goals. But the main goal and dream that will keep this organization alive is the dream to help the orphan kids that has no more hope, that needs education, and needs love when no one else will give it to them. The main reason why O.M.O.H was founded, was because of the 2010 earthquake that was a staggering 7.0, and killed at least 250,000 people. Also, included in that 250,000 people were the parents of many children. Those kids were left without a home, no one to care for them, education. They kids became (restaveks), That is a creole word, for kids who has no more family, and they have to go live with strangers. Majority of the time those strangers, are very cruel to them since its not their own kids, they treat them cruelly. They are beaten, treated like trash, aren’t allowed to have a proper education, Also not allowed to eat with the family, They’re not allowed to play with the other kids of that house. The most heart-wrenching thing of all is that they are sexually abused, physically and mentally. So, because of this kind of abuse, they are always sad and alone. My wife and I, experienced this type of abuse before. We were both in the same situation when we were younger. That is exactly why, god put in our hearts to help these kids so they can have a better shot of life. Mathew4:4- “ it is written,' Man shall not live by bread alone, but every word that proceeds out of the mouth of god'”. We have in our program to build a school, a church, and an orphanage. We teach them how to read, math, protect their environments. We clothe them, feed them, and educate them. We are also work with the older ones, so when they are old enough, they can have a shot at a career. We are building roads, we are building it by hand. That’s why we need help to get the proper equipment. Its not going to be easy, but with gods help, he will help us accomplish what is necessary. If you want to help, and its in your heart, you are welcome, either by donations or in person, all help is welcomed and accepted. Haiti is very beautiful, and we want to help maintain and continue that. We have the land and all we need is the help. If you are, or know a professional construction company that would like to donate and help, we would really appreciate it, and it would be a great blessing.




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